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If I Could Write A Poem

If I could write a poem with the Holy Spirit as my pen,

I'd write upon the heart of man

A door for Jesus to enter in.

Love would then burst forth, filling up the air,

With silvery sparkles of its magic floating everywhere.

Trees would shake with laughter

Clouds would sing a song

The moon and sun would hold hands

All tears would then be gone.

The stars would then decide to shine both at night and day

Rivers would be busy washing sin away.

Angels would rejoice, clapping feathered wings,

Melodys of joy would dance on the winds of spring.

If I could write this poem

I'd still the pace of time

To hold on to this moment,
When all things become divine,

When a heart is filled with His love that it never knew before

If I could write this poem
I'd not write any more.


@ copyright 2000

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