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Hope your visit leaves you wearing a smile

A little sunshine is good once in a while

Im still in the process of creating this thing

No one told me its never ending

So I just keep plugging away

Hoping to finish it someday


I am so glad you dropped by
This has been so much fun to do
I got this web tv a while back
and am truely amazed by it
I dont even know how to turn on a computer, so this has been such fun for me!!
I am a housewife, from Tx. My husband and I have been married for 30 yrs. and are still very much in love :). Actually I have semi retired from houswork. I've become quite good at ignoring dust, and I lost my iron several years ago, Funny... I dont miss it at all..hmmmm...
Now that my children are grown, (They were great kids as kids, and turned out so wonderful!!) I have some time on my hands, (the other day I also noticed a couple of age spots on them, I hate that when it happens!!)

I must tell you here that the song that is playing is My Girl, I have been blessed with a grandaughter who is appropiately named Sunny Ray, she is 5 yrs old and is truely a ray of sunshine, and she is My girl, thus the song and my nic :-)

I kept thinking, what could I possibly do with a web page..I have nothing to sell, well, except for my garage sale leftovers, which have become such a permanent fixture, that I just dont know if I could part with them now, I know, I'm sick, but every now and then I brave the obstacle course through my garage , and find something that I'm soooo glad didnt sell.
I also thought there isnt any thing of real interest about me to anyone that doesn't know me.(and few that do)... I mean, yeah sure, I am an artist, a poet, and an author(now),("NOT") but I'm talkin before web, for petes sake!!

Well, I thought, If I could just bring a smile or a laugh to one single person, I would be grateful for the chance....soo....Here I many of you, with a wish and a prayer to make a difference in someones life, if but for a moment.

I hope the pages that follow will bring you cheer,

and possilbly make you feel a little better than before you came here

To God be the glory if this should happen.



~Now take a stroll through these pages

They came from my heart

Then share them with others

Before you depart~

"SELF POEMTRAIT" a fun poem about me and my family
"Sunny's Page" My grandbaby created this!!"
"FRIENDS" something nice for a special friend
a prayer to start your day
"SMALL WORLD" send this to all ur cyber friends
"DONT LET THE SUN GO DOWN" a poem for someone in need
"GOOD MORNING" send this to wake ur friends with a smile
"GRANDPA" a poem
"SOMETIMES" send this to that very special friend
"KIDS SPOT" poems about kids & links for little ones
"HI" send this happy hello to all ur friends !!!
"I Believe In Miracles" another good one to share
"Rose Gift" Beautiful Long Stem Rose For Your Friends
"Gods Grace" A poem of encouragement*
"Smile" a fun one to send
"Happy Love" send to ur girl or guy or friend
"9 to 5" hang in there!!!!
"Just For You My Friend" For ur good friends
"I REFUSE" Oh I LOVE this poem a must read!!
"I Don't Wanna" A fun one for the tender gender
"ANGEL KISSES"Everyone Needs angel kisses
"Toni Peroni" A poem by my dad...:)
"Winter's Coming" A New one for the season to share
"Pooh"Send to ur Forever Friends
"Life Without You" A fun new one for friends
"Becuz" New For your bestest friends
"Happy Day"wish ur friends happy days!!!
"You're Wuvable" New and So Cute!!
"When This Day Is Done" A poem
"IT'S EASY Angel" new cute one to send
"Your In My Prayers" a good one to send
"WAIT" a beautiful prayer to share
"Thinking Of You"
"Glory Glory" very inspirational*
"A Tweety Christmas Greeting"
"I Love My Email Buds" send this Christmas greeting!!!
"Christmas Angel For Your Email Friends"
" The True Reason For The Season" A good message to share with friends
"THEN GOD ASKED" Cute one..... so true!!
"Let It Snow"A happy greeting for Christmas
"HOWDY" A Big Hello For Your Friends!!
"Snuggly Warm Day" A cozy greeting for friends
"Letter" Let ur email friends know you care :)

"BE HAPPY" a wish for ur friends
"Puppy Luv" Great for valintine or anytime
"SO GLAD" Send to your E-Mail friends

"Awards" Oh how nice people are!!!

Go here to Learn How to Get Started on making a homepage!! (For Web Tv Users)
"Angels On Assignment" Visit here for prayer request & inspiration
"Mikes F key Saver" Wow everything you need for help in one location!!!

all poems are writen by me, unless otherwise indicated*
please let me know if I have used anything that is not free domain

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What a terrific Honor
Thank you Ladies!!

~I want thank all the wonderful people that helped me get started
Without them and the great gif. image, midi, and background sites
that have been so unselfishly shared
these pages would not be here~

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