Jesus Laughs
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Remember when you're feeling low,
And life seems hard to bear
There is a brighter day ahead
He promises that its there

We picture in our minds at times
That we have such a solemn Lord
When I'm sure it was He whom laughed not once, but 'ore & 'ore

He has to get a chuckle out of the way that men react
He made us whole, and part of us is laughter, that's a fact

His image is reflected
In the human form He made
He must laugh as often then
As you and I convey

A famous script "He wept"
Is among the favorite of verse
If He was able to shed tears He surely laughed at first.

I see him with a smile,
Holy laughter flowing forth
In a rolling rumbling style

A joyous man, I believe, was He that roamed His land
He thought good thoughts
and brought good cheer to His creation , Man.

He gave us laughter I believe
A gift so fair and grand
So we would know He also laughed
So we would we understand

For without this gift He freely gave
Would we even want to be
Life would be so dreary without the gift of glee

So just as sure as there are tears
There's laughter all about
And I'm so thankful Our sweet Lord
Saw fit not to leave it out

May We Use and Enjoy This Gift Everyday