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As you grew inside of me
So many years ago

Your very being was embeded
deep within my soul

I felt your every move
As you tossed and tumbled there

A feeling no man will ever know
no matter how we try to share

I loved you so even then
Before I knew your name.

I nourished you, You nourished me
Each of us the same

I would sit and wonder things
Like would you have my smile
I couldn't wait to hold you,
But knew that would be a while

And then one day you were born
the cord to me was severed.

Oh no, I thought I wanted you
To be apart of me forever.

But instantly I KNEW
No matter we're apart,
We would always be connected
by the oneness of our heart.

I had thought my love for you
had filled up to the brim

but when I met you face to face,
I fell in love again. infant so short a time.

Oh how I loved to feel you lie,
cuddled close upon my chest
as I sang to you a lullaby

And watched you at your rest

You grew and grew and then turned two,
As healthy as could be

A cotton top with loving eyes
that were always watching me.

Quickly then, by leaps and bounds
Suddenly you were seven
Altough at times my wits you'd try
I knew you came from heaven

. I would watch you then as you lay sleeping
Your face still soft with baby skin.

I would pick you up so gently
just to hold you once again

I would think,
You must be dreaming
of frogs, and snakes you'd caught.

Or maybe about learning to ride that bike
You so eagerly besought

You grew still more,
Now you were ten.
A gangly looking lad
You still climbed up into my lap,
but not as often as you had

You loved to fish, to ride your bike,
to wrestle with your friends.

You played ball and grew so tall
and melted me with grins.

Time went by,
how it did fly,
As each day with you I treasured

Now you stood as tall as me

As one day we took measure.

The teens were next,
The worry years
As I remember them
I would sit and pray 'till you got home
Time and time again

Now you are grown, you've moved from home,
So proud of you am I.

I wish I could still hold you in lap
and hush you when you cry.

I feel your pain, I feel your joy.

And I always will
For you began inside of me
and will always be
My baby boy.