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Help For New Web Tv Users Is Here

HI, I am Suny, and I want to help you get started in learnig how to personalize your email, and in creating a homepage.
I am by no means an expert in all this, infact I am only 7 mos. old to web tv. I got my web tv in Apri of 1999.

The first thing I noticed, was that some people I had met in chat rooms, would send me email that had pretty pictures and music in them...well, I wanted to know how to do that!!!

So one of the kind ladies ( Hello Elaine!!! And Thank you!!!) sent me a page to help me get started. Here a few pages that different ones have put toghether that will help newbies, like you and me. So Read on and learn the "how tos":

"J Birds11 Help" here you will find Where that sig box is, plus what to put in it to make a beautiful email page.

"The Basics" Another great page for help

OK Now you are wondering where do I find all those great images,
There are so many great sites for images, but here are two to get U started:

"Animated Gif Finder"WOW this should keep you busy :)

Another great one for images

So now it is on to bakgrounds we goBR>
"1001 Backgrounds" you should find something U like here :)

Now for those songs, or "midis"...just to keep things simple, there is one place that has it all :) or at least I think so:

"Owens4 Search" just go to where it says search for midis, and type in the song U want!!

There is so much more to all this than I have included here. So here is where the experts reside:

http://news:alt.discuss.webtv.htmlA "News Group" where you can ask the experts!!!

Well, I know this is short, but when you are new it will seem like alot to learn..don't get discouraged...just keep on till it "clicks" and guess what?? It will!!! Once you practice all the html in ur sig box, and know it fairly well, you will want to start a web page. I am at tripod, and very happy here, if you would like them for your homepage server go to

Before you U leave I must tell you that you need to learn about "transloading" the images, songs, backgrounds etc, that you want to use in ur email and home page. I went quite sometime before I even knew about this important factor in creating an email and homepage. You see, If you link directly to an image, song etc, you are doing what "they" call "stealing bandwidth" from whomever you are linking to. As NOT to do this you must Transload the gifs, images etc. to your own server, such as tripod. Once you have learned the basic html codes, and have practiced some in your email, you will need to get a server such as tripod, geocities, or whom ever U like, to start your home page. Most homepage servers have free homepage space. Once you have a home, you can transload the images, songs, and backgrounds to your own server name, thus not linking to someone elses site, but using your own space to keep all the great images songs and backgrounds you have found that you want to use in your homepage. I certainly wish I had known this early on. Here is a transloarder I use frequently....there are instructions on "how to" use it on his page:

"Freeloaders" For transloading :)

Here is a great page that should keep you busy for some time...ENJOY EXPLORING:
"100 web tv links"

Finally, Let me say if I can help in anyway I will be most glad to do what I can. You can email me with questions.

Have FUN learning, and God bless you, suny :)