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I believe in miralcles
Just look around
I believe in miracles
How they abound

A flower blooms
a stary night meets the day

Miracles, exsists in many ways

A child is born, with its first cry
says to the world
here am I
Look at me and you will see
a miracle.. how beatiful life can be

A miracle... you ask Where?..

God has placed them everywhere

Open now your eyes and let them feast
upon the grandest to the least

The Mountains in their majesty

the drop of dew on a budding leaf

The wonderous sky expanding bold

A butterflys' wing as it unfolds

The ocean with its flowing tide

A robin sings, a love-a-bye

The sunrise as it paints the sky,

a new born bird learns to fly

Where.... you ask

and I reply

Every where you cast an eye

Just look around

and You will see

In miracles you will believe

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For sharing is where a miracle begins


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