Can we Talk???

Are You Ready For Something New???
Tired of all the sweet little hugs?????

And those Halloween creepy crawling bugs??

I mean How many smiley faces can one person take??????

Give Me A Break

For ever more

If I see one more TAG... U R it

I think I will simply have a fit!!!!

Just One more "Lets dance a jig"

And I will surely flip my wig


Just for a change of pace

with No smiley face

No jumping frog

playing a song

No bear with a harp

singing a long

No chicken dancing

Flapping his wings

No, none of these marvalous magical things

This is simple, No jingle ,just rhyme

And certainly no "lets have a good time"

This is just what it is
nothing more, nothing less

Just a greeting of Love
sort of bland... I confess

there IS no gif or image you'll find

that can express a love of this kind

So I say simply this

Without further ado

You are my friend


I Just Love You!!!!!

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