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During the hustle and bustle of this holiday time,

We can loose the true meaning
We leave Jesus behind.

We scurry, we hurry,

in this store.. back out,

We miss feeling the joy that's floating about.

Our minds are only on the things we must buy!

We're anxious and worried and we wonder why???

Oh! Would he like this?

Maybe she would like that!

Look! Here is a sale, we'll just get her a hat!

Uncle Joe will be here, we can't leave him out

Is this what the season is really about??

Get out the lights, we must trim the tree
Get enough groceries for the WHOLE family

"Oh my! Sweetheart, we have run out of money"

"Well, here is the credit card, now, dont worry honey"

"Ok" I say, "I just CAN'T fret,

For there are too many things left we must get!"

Our house is the only one on the block

That doesn't have reindeer

And trees that are floaked.

Katey has asked for a Barbie, "Life size"

that walks and talks and blinks her big eyes!!

And Johnny has had his heart firmly set

On getting a bycycle he's too small to ride yet.

Susie just mentioned something she wants to tell santa

Instead of the skateboard, she now wants a piano!!!

And Kerry, oh dear, has grown up in no time at all,

We must buy her a car, and take back the doll !!!

I know, this year we promised not to loose sight

Of the true meaning of Christmas

Of that Glorious night!!!!!

But somehow again, we put all these "things" first,

We've had no time for sharing His miraculous birth.

We have spent our last dime,

And worn credit thin

And probably next year, we'll do it again.

But just for this moment, Right Now, let us all pause

Put out of our heads the trinkets and Clause.

Let's gather our families

take each others hand on this day,

And join our hearts as together we pray!

We give you thanks, our dear Father above,

Please let us remember the gift of Your infinite love!

Oh Lord, from the true meaning of Christmas, let us not stray

Let us Remember your Son, our Saviour,

Was Born On This Day!!!!

~by sunysmile~