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On a cold winters day, at twenty two degrees below zero

A blessed event took place, exactly 82 years ago!!!

The Lord had decided that He on this day
would bring forth a boy so that He may

Bless all the people on earth that happened to meet

This wonderful person someday on the street

For you see this child,
a great man was to be

A true friend to many,
A Daddy to me

Oh where do I start
How to begin
to tell you a little
of this wonderful man??

He grew up in a time when life was more pure

He worked harder than most, that is for sure

When he was but still
just a small one

He plowed the fields,
from sun to sun

He learned to tend horses,
A fence he could mend

He knew how to "trade".. make a profit,
And still have a friend.

There wasn't much even back then, he couldn't do

And nothing has changed to this day...
No Kidding,.... it's true!!!

He still has memories from when he was two!!!!

The stories he tells, are as precious as gold !!!

I could listen all day as each one he unfolds

For I know that he is passing along

more than just memories
of days that are gone

He is passing on wisdom,..
lessons learned....

He is giving to me
a part of himself!!!

If I had all the paper in the world to write upon

I would run out of room before I was done,

Telling you about him

For you see, there is no end,

There is no place to stop when telling of him!!!!

He is, to me, beyond words, don't you see!!!

He is a great man and will always be.....

The most wonderful Daddy in the world to me!!!!

Daddy I Love You So Much
I Know You know That

And the ones that have been blessed to meet you are sooooo much better for it.

You, to me, are strength, gentleness, kindness, courage, love, a tender heart, a place of comfort, a child of God, (((((((AND THAT IS JUST THE BEGINNING)))))))) of how I feel about you!!!!!!!! Have a Happy, Happy DAY!!!!!!!! AND MANY MANY MORE!!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!!

From your baby,.... Still!!!!

I remember you sitting there looking at me all night through that window in 1950......
I am still bursting out of my T-shirts....HA!!!!!!

Love U, Terry