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The telephone rang.I said hello!!!
A happy voice said "Hi ,you know

              I got my reportcard from school today,
IT said I passed HOO RAY HOO RAY!!!
Yes I passed pre K today!!!!"
I laughed out loud at this sweet sound
and realized... before I can turn around
that this small one I hear today
laughing all my cares away
will be a grown lady someday..
with maybe a hubby and 2 or 3 kids
or perhaps a vet takin pre-meds,
but there is one thing I know for sure
Ill never be too far away from her,
She can always call me no matter where I am
and I will do for her all that I can.

I know this wee bubbly voice today that I hear,
Bringing me joy,Filling me with cheer,
Will do the same year after year.

She lights up my life,
shes my little honey,
shes my # 1 grandchlld,
shes my little Sunny!!!

And my best bud!!!!!

Love, MaMa T

A child can take a simple phrase or word,
and make it the most precious sound man has ever heard,

For some how they have a way,
Of making it clearer than a sun filled day.

While eating a corndog, I said this is delicious,
She turned around and said,you mean toolicious.Toolicious it was! and will always be,
for that makes much more sense you see

I said come on honey, its time to relax,
She said she was ready to be lax.

Be lax is what I do now to unwind
thanks to her brilliant, colorful mind

On a very hot day we lay in a pool,belaxing and smilng and thinking we're cool

I was almost asleep,all but one eye
When she said, can I sing you a love-a-bye.

"Love-a-bye".... OH such a magical word,
The sweetest word I ever heard!

Little ones are my favorite people,they can teach us so much with their faces a glow,

Happy sounds that they make as they skip through our hearts, or the fun little places that they love to go

Sometimes when im sad, A lttle one laughs and things arent so bad

The little songs that they sing, play soft on my ear,

Their sparklng giggles are sweet music to hear.

They dance through our lifes, but for a while

Every moment a blessing, every hug brings a smile :)


Bow Wow is not a cat, Meow is a cat, Bow wow is a dog, just had to tell you that.

The pound is where she lived,
the day I saw her first,
a small fuzzy looking thing,
I knew I had to have her or..
I just might burst!

So without a do I quickly threw a fit
I said we can not leave her here, and that my dear is it!

Hubby and I , we brought her home, She loved to play and bounce
she acts more like a cat I thought, the way she'd leep and pounce

By my side she always stayed, no matter how fast I walked,
Your liitle legs must be tired, is how to her I talked

At this time we had no kids, she filled that empty spot,
We fed her, bathed her, cuddled her too, attached to her we got

It wasnt long our family grew,
And of course she did too,

By the time the kids could talk,
Bow Wow would take them for a walk.

Up and down the block they'd go,
her tail a waggin, to and fro .

She looked after the neighbors kids too,
The whole block loved her, this is true.

One neighbor called, and asked, can Bow wow spend the night,
Oh yes, I said, that is quiet alright!

Well to our surprize, and to our neighbors shock
to a closet door she went and that she did unlock,
and there was Bow wow,looking up,
and all around her were her pups!! :)

I wonder how many kids through the years,

have pulled her tail,
grabbed her ears,
rang her bell,
She takes it all so very well.

She loves the kids, and they love her,
I can tell you that for sure!!

Bow Wow, Bow Wow we love you and and all the doggy things you do!!!