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Sing a song of happiness,

Let it over flow the heart,

For God came upon request,

And filled the empty part.


Good Morning LordWhat a lovely day you've made!

How long have you known it would be this way,

Did you plan it last night just before I went to bed,

Or did You know centuries ahead?

Anyway, I am so thankful to you.

For this day and other ones too.

Yesterday's gone with its' memories,

Tomorrow we know not where we will be.

AWWW but TODAY...Let us not waste!!!

Keep us from our frantic haste!

Let us look at the sun and the trees and the sky,

And smell the flowers as we pass by,

And notice the wind as it brushes our face,

And how each star has its own special place,

And each blade of grass and each drop of dew,

All are miracles created by You!!

Let us shout unto You with a grateful voice,

Today is a gift,

Let us Rejoice!!!!


"This is the day the Lord made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it"



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