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What A Difference A Prayer Makes

What difference a prayer makes, is just one word away from a popular song.

However, this phrase is so much more strong!

It is true a day can make a difference, that's clear,
but what made it so different? Someone said prayer.

Yesterday, I was feeling so bad
I emailed my friends, told you I was sad

Today I awoke unburdened from cares,
I KNEW that my friends had humbly said prayers.

What a difference a Prayer makes.

As I sent out that email with tears flowing down,
I prayed to the Lord an answer be found.

I addressed it carefully to those that would care.
To those that I knew believed in the power of a prayer.

I wrote of the things that were troubling me so.
I asked for your prayers, and then I let go

What A difference A prayer Makes

My mail light was flashing, as you let me know you were there
You all said don't worry, U R covered with prayer

WHAT a difference a Prayer makes

There was no thunder nor miraculous sign,
But yesterday.. I was sick.....Today I feel fine!!

What A Difference A prayer Makes

I now wondered who said it, the one that HE heard,
And then I remembered He hears EVERY word.

Each one that prayed added strength to my soul
Yesterday I was so weary, today I am whole!

What A Difference A prayer makes

How do I thank you for the prayer that U sent?
How can U know how much that it meant?
Just know that your praying was time very well spent!!!

Now if ever U need anything please call on me
FOr I KNOW prayer works where two or more do agree

So remember when you feel your world as it shakes

To my dear friends, with much love, suny